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Malik from Texas



from Texas

Malik is a very active child who is full of energy. He enjoys playing with his friends and can be very comical. Malik loves to play outside and enjoys all types of sports. He also enjoys playing video games, but benefits from guidance on how to be a good sport when he doesn't win. Malik does best when he has set rules and boundaries to comply with, so he doesn't get off track. He continues to learn to take responsibility for his own actions. In school, Malik is doing well academically and is on target. He often needs one-on-one attention to avoid distracting others. He will fidget and squirm on occasion, but will settle down once he is reminded to stay on task. Malik's favorite class is science. He loves to eat pizza, fried chicken, and ice cream. Overall, Malik is a sweet child who is a delight to be around. He will be a great addition to any family.

Malik will do well with a two parent home with minimum other children in the home. If other children are in the home, Malik will benefit from older siblings so that he will have positive role models.

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