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Manuel from Texas



from Texas

Manuel is a fun-loving youth who likes to play video games. He is also very interested in sports. His favorite sport is football. Manuel is in choir and really enjoys singing and being involved in school activities. He is a quiet youth, but can also be the life of the party. Manuel loves to hang out with his friends, either going to the mall or just hanging out around the house. He also likes to ride bikes and he loves the outdoors. Manuel wants to join the military or go to college. He will benefit from guidance in his decision making.

Manuel wants a family who will love and support him. He has a desire to be connected with his foster family, as he has bonded with them and looks to them for support. He would like a family that will allow continued contact with them. Manuel needs a very structured family that will praise him and guide him during his teenage years. He wants a family who will allow him to play sports or join choir. Manuel wants a family that will support him in extracurricular activities. He needs a family that is a strong advocate for him and who will work with him in any supportive services he needs. Manuel wants to be an only child and will benefit from a family where he is the only child.