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Marcus from Texas



from Texas

Marcus is a kind, sensitive, handsome, respectful, and caring youth who is also happy and has a great disposition. He is polite, likes to share, and is a pleasure to be around. Marcus plays defense on his school football team. In the future, he would like to attend culinary school so he can start his own business with his brother, Desmond. He is excited about attending driving school soon in order to earn his driver's license. Marcus does well in school and receives supportive services in English and Geometry to assist him with these subjects. He is a social teen, but also enjoys being alone at times. He enjoys playing outdoors, especially with his brother and other peers. Some of this other interests include, playing basketball, watching television, playing video games and completing crossword puzzles.

Marcus and Desmond are wonderful children who are well-mannered. They share a close bond with each other and get along well together. They enjoy playing together and going shopping. They are both playing football this year and are both talented players. They also enjoy playing basketball and video games together. This dynamic duo is charismatic and eloquently spoken. As the older brother, Marcus is very protective of Desmond. Marcus is a sweet, respectful child who can be shy when you first meet him. He enjoys watching television and listening to music. Desmond is also sweet, respectful, and caring. He does well academically and is on the school honor roll. He enjoys reading and doing crossword puzzles. Marcus and Desmond are a great sibling group who are a joy to be around.

Marcus will do well in a family with two parents. He needs a family who will provide a lot of structure, safety, security, and a nurturing environment. His family will provide him with consistency, adequate supervision, and encouragement. Marcus needs a family who will provide him with positive role models, love, and affection. He needs caring parents who are willing to dedicate time to building trust and confidence. Marcus is capable of formulating attachments and deep love. Marcus will do well in a family who can shower him with patience and love.

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