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Maren from Texas



from Texas

Maren is an amusing little girl who likes to discuss math and science. She is very observant of the world around her and likes to ask questions. Maren loves to go to museums and take in all of the exhibits. She enjoys talking and learning about things around her. She also has a great memory. She enjoys playing in water and reading books. At home, Maren enjoys playing with dolls, putting together puzzles, and coloring. She loves to eat Taco Bell cheese rollups and play on the playground. Maren is a sweet, young girl that likes positive attention. She is an alert child who can be sensitive to how adults react to her. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Maren will benefit from caretakers who are nurturing and will explain the reasoning behind expectations. Maren appears to struggle when she is expected to be self-sufficient, independent and in environments with no structured activities. Maren needs positive attention and an engaging nurturing environment. Maren will benefit from having a two-parent home; preferably with at least one stay at home caregiver. The ideal family will be is nurturing and provide Maren with positive attention and an engaging, encouraging environment.

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