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Mariah from Texas



from Texas

Mariah is a sweet child with a warm smile and kind eyes. She is described as loving, caring, and very helpful by those who know her well. Mariah can be shy when you first meet her, but she warms up after getting to know you and especially comes out of her shell when she is with her siblings. Mariah is athletic and loves to be outside running or riding her bike. She likes to participate in activities that involve being a part of a group, such as cheerleading, and where she can be active and use a lot of energy. When she's not active outside, she loves to do things to help around the house, such as cooking. She also likes to play with all kinds of toys from Barbie's to remote control cars. Mariah has made significant progress in learning how to appropriately manage her emotions since living in a safe environment where she is provided appropriate structure and guidance. Mariah enjoys school and makes good grades. She benefits from extra support to complete homework and assignments.

Delia, Mike, and Mariah get along very well. They are always looking out for each other and will thrive in a home where they can continue to do so. Delia takes on the "big sister" role with her younger siblings and enjoys helping out around the house in general. All three children are very active and they love any activity that gives them the chance to work together as a team. Delia tends to be a "girly-girl" who enjoys fashion, cheerleading, and shopping. Mariah's interests cover a wide span from Barbie's and cooking to remote control cars and running. Mike is a pretty typical boy who loves football and Cub Scouts. Delia, Mike, and Mariah all enjoy school and, with the right supports, earn good grades. All three children communicate well with peers and adults when in a positive and encouraging environment. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Mariah's family will need to be nurturing, while also setting appropriate boundaries. They will need to advocate for her educational needs and continue with supportive services. Her family will need to be willing to keep her active, both at home and in the community. Mariah will do best in a home with no younger children.