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Mariah from Texas



from Texas

Mariah is an upbeat and charismatic girl who is entering the "tween" stage. She enjoys all things girly and would love to give makeovers to her forever family! Mariah has a musical side, as she has expressed an interest in writing and singing songs. She really enjoys dancing around when she feels happy and upbeat, which is almost always. In her downtime, she likes to play video games and board games. Some of her favorite foods include spaghetti, Frito pie, and yummy nachos! She also really enjoys going to school and does well. Mariah tends to keep her feelings to herself when she is upset but will open eventually when she is comfortable. Mariah is really looking forward to having a fresh start with her forever family!

Mariah will do best in a family where she can be the only child. She also stated that she would be open to a traditional or non-traditional family. Mariah's forever family will spend time quality time with her and engage in her interests and likes. She is excited to have a new future and fresh start. Her forever family will be patient, understanding, and provide a loving environment. Mariah loves the indoors but has expressed that she would love a family that will take her on outdoor adventures!

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