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Mariah from Texas



from Texas

Mariah has an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile. She loves to interact with people, and she is more of an extrovert who prefers to be around others as opposed to being alone. Mariah loves music, drawing, and writing in her journal. She loves to stay busy with any type of activity or arts and crafts activities. Mariah is very much a "girly girl" and is beginning to be interested in makeup and loves to have her nails done with pretty polish. She is very inquisitive and likes to ask all types of questions to curb her curiosity. Mariah likes to have conversations where she learns new interesting facts. She really enjoys watching movies, TV shows, and playing games. Mariah is fun loving and caring to all who enter her life.

Mariah needs a family who will love and care for her. She will do best with a family who understands she has experienced some hardship and loss. Her forever family will help and support her through her emotions. Mariah will benefit from a family who is structured and supportive.

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