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Marquis from Texas



from Texas

Marquis loves being outdoors and playing sports such as football and basketball. He also enjoys going shopping at the mall. Marquis has a quiet personality and is very caring and thoughtful of others. Marquis does well academically and states his favorite subject is Math. At times he needs prompting to complete his homework especially with subjects that are more challenging for him. Marquis loves to smile and make others smile as well. Marquis is working on processing his emotions and being able to communicate them to trusted adults. He has done very well in this area and continues to look forward to sharing his interests with his future family.

Marquis will benefit from a family that is nurturing, supportive and one that will go at his pace. The ideal family will take the time to understand his needs and help him by directing him when he is having difficulties with expressing his emotions. Marquis will learn best with having structure in the home.

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