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Marshall from Texas



from Texas

Marshall is a very intellectual individual who tends to have a calm demeanor and is respectful towards others. He is inquisitive and demonstrates problem-solving skills. Marshal enjoys working on computers and playing video games. He also enjoys playing card games and dominos with his peers. Marshall is forward thinking and he is optimistic for his future. He is a very independent youth, who also longs for a loving family to call his own and mentor him through life. Marshall takes pride in standing up for others and is involved in an anti-bullying program at his school. He demonstrates a great deal of empathy of others and cares deeply for mentors and adults who take interest in him. Marshall enjoys attending school and states his favorite subject is English. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Marshall seeks a family who can nurture his needs. Marshall will enjoy and benefit from having a parent who is willing to spend time with him. Marshall's parent will encourage him to play basketball since he is very good at it. Marshall will do well if he is the youngest or oldest of a group of siblings. He will enjoy having male siblings more. Marshall will need patience from a family while he takes time to bond, but he will respect and be polite with adults. Marshall needs a family that can be very clear with expectations, structure, discipline, and routine. His family will be patient and understanding of his emotional needs.

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