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Martin from Texas



from Texas

Martin has a fun and loud personality. He is often found playing with his brother and usually has a big smile on his face. Martin is a playful young boy who shows affection his to all of his siblings. He likes to flip through books, color, and play with all types of toys. He enjoys playing outdoors, riding his bike, watching television, dancing, and laughing at funny movies. Martin likes to play on the trampoline and ride in the tractor with his foster parents. He spends most of his day outside and always finds something fun to do with others. Martin is the life of the party whenever he goes places. He also enjoys participating in church youth groups and singing with them. Martin has also expressed interest learning on his tablet and curiosity in playing computer games.

Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, and Matthew are ready to find their forever family. Although they have individual interests, they enjoy many activities together such as playing with toys, enjoying the outdoors, and visiting parks and restaurants. The children enjoy celebrating all occasions, having fun times together on trips to the beach and zoo, and love competing with one another in bowling. Martin and Matthew are the youngest of the group and spend a lot of time with their oldest sister, Mya. Mya takes care of them and guides them through their daily activities. Mya is usually in charge when it comes to games or leading in tasks with her siblings. Alinah, Jenissa, and Andrea have a close bond and usually help Mya with caring for Martin and Matthew. Mya, Alinah, Jenissa, Andrea, Martin, and Matthew are close to one another and can usually be found entertaining each other with games and activities.

Martin desires to be adopted by a two-parent household along with his siblings. He will benefit from a family who is active and will encourage him to participate in community activities such as track, soccer, and baseball. Martin likes having fun, is respectful, and enjoys singing. His ideal family will provide him with a structured and stable environment.

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