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Mathew from Texas



from Texas

Mathew is an affectionate, sweet, and loving young boy. He is fascinated with modern day technology such as computers and electronics. Mathew enjoys playing with computers and video games. He also enjoys reading books about magic, wizards, and sci-fi, as it stimulates his imagination and creativity. Mathew, at times, needs help to assist in staying focus as he typically desires to do many things at once. Mathew is soothed and comforted by completing arts and crafts, and is excellent at drawing and coloring. Mathew gets a lot of happiness and satisfaction from reading books, and often opts for reading over video games. Mathew's favorite genre of books are sci-fi and fantasy such as the Harry Potter series. Mathew is care free, inquisitive about his observations and surroundings, and is extremely relatable as he has vast knowledge about current day events, such as politics and world news.

Mathew is aware of his situation and desires to be adopted. Mathew wants to be a part of a family who will love him unconditionally and provide for his needs. Mathew will benefit from a family who will provide support, guidance, and love. Mathew needs a family who will reveal to him healthy family dynamics, relationships, and an everlasting bond and attachment. Mathew will benefit from a family who has an abundance amount of patience and structure as Mathew will attempt to do things his way and no other way, such as not wanting to do homework.