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Matthew from Texas



from Texas

Matthew loves being the oldest of his siblings, and he is a big protector of his siblings. He likes playing video games, listening to music, and lounging around the house. Matthew is also enjoys the outdoor activities such as fishing, running, soccer, basketball, football, riding his bike, skating, and swimming. Some of his favorite foods include enchiladas, pizza, and chicken Alfredo. He has a great appetite! Matthew likes playing with friends his age, and hanging out with his siblings. He has a social and friendly personality, especially after he gets to know the person. Matthew looks out for his siblings to ensure they are okay and well cared for.

Meet this sweet and joyful group of siblings, Matthew, Geraldine, Gerardo, and Renata! These four siblings are very attached to one another and share a close and loving connection. The siblings enjoy each other's company and hanging out together. The children like to play together, especially being outdoors and getting wet outside. Matthew is the eldest and his younger siblings look up to him. He is loving toward his siblings, and loves them very much. Geraldine likes to dancing, playing with her toys, playing basketball, singing, riding her bike or scooter, and cheering. Gerardo likes playing games, riding his scooter or bike, and playing with his ball. Renata likes playing with her toys, making crafts, dancing, using the phone, and singing.

Matthew needs a family who will be committed and loving. He will do well with a family who will provide structure and great discipline. It is important for Matthew to find a family who will keep him and his siblings together.

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