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Matthew from Texas



from Texas

Matthew has a reserved personality until your trust is gained; at that point, he is open, sweet, and loving. He is mature and responsible for his age. Matthew is self-sufficient and independent. He loves to joke around and make people smile. He likes to do impersonations, tell jokes, and do magic tricks to get people to laugh. Matthew also reports he loves to eat. His favorite foods are hot wings, pizza, and spaghetti. He also enjoys eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, Popeye's, and Taco Cabana. His favorite drink is Diet Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper Zero. Matthew considers himself as someone who loves everything outdoors. He likes to ride his bike, play in the pool, and run. He also likes fishing and camping. Matthew also enjoys in-home entertainment, such as the Wii and playing on the computer. He reports having a high score on Wii Bowling. He also likes to play transformer games on the computer. He enjoys going to Dave-n-Busters, because he likes to play and eat. Matthew struggles academically; however, he tries very hard to please his teachers. He is in the church choir and loves attending children's church. Matthew is a good-hearted child who desperately needs love and affection. He seeks out admiration and encouragement from adults.

Matthew stated what he needs most from a family is love. He needs a family where he is the only child or there are older children in the home. Matthew also needs a family who has a great deal of structure, patience, and flexibility.