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Matthew from Texas



from Texas

Matthew is a happy youth who loves to explore and play. He is a quiet and a charming child who enjoys being around others. Matthew is non-verbal and not responsive to conversation upon first meeting. After time, when he gets to know someone, he will participate in conversation by smiling and shaking his head. Matthew is also described as a hearty eater. He has a daily routine that consists of his daily snacks and shakes. Matthew is always smiling and is curious about his environment and surroundings. He is a spirited child who benefits from consistency, love, and assistance as he requires extensive support on a daily and regular basis both at home and school. He receives special support services to assist him in attaining his educational and functional goals. Matthew enjoys being involved in activities and family gatherings. He has a big heart and strives to be the best he can be. It is believed that his favorite color is red and takes pleasure in listening to music. Matthew enjoys being indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. Outside, Matthew enjoys breathing in the fresh air, playing on the trampoline, and playing on his swing. When inside, he likes to watch the family dog run around, play with his noise maker and light up toys, or walk and crawl around on his matted floor.

Matthew's family needs to be very patient and willing to continue helping Matthew into adulthood. He is in need of a family who has some specialized training in tending to his medical needs and who is familiar with the different services that correspond to his medical conditions. Matthew requires constant adult supervision. His ideal forever family and teacher will encourage activities that promote his social and emotional well-being. Matthew will benefit from experienced parents who are medically knowledgeable about his medical needs. The family who will best meet his needs will be patient, loving, caring, as he will need to rely on them for all aspects of daily living. The family must also closely monitor Matthew and advocate for his medical needs. He is anxiously awaiting his opportunity to be a part of a family where he can develop a close relationship with his adoptive parents. Matthew is also interested in maintaining a sibling connection with his older siblings.

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