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Maurey from Texas



from Texas

Maurey is an outgoing youth who loves to listen to music, watch movies, and play games. He has a good appetite and enjoys watching TV. Maurey can be shy and reserved, yet playful too. Maurey is interested in sports and enjoys playing basketball and football! Maurey bonds well with others and tends to see the good side of people. He expresses his thoughts and feelings well and can be very helpful. Maurey thrives in a structured environment and needs a home that can give him boundaries and guidance as he navigates his teen years. At school, Maurey requires supportive services and does best in a smaller classrooms where he can receive more attention and redirection to stay focused on his schoolwork. At times, Maurey struggles to process information and can become frustrated. Maurey has a desire to learn and accomplishes this by asking lots of questions about the material. Occasionally, Maurey can struggle with regulating his emotions and needs assistance processing his feelings. He also needs encouragement with daily care routines. He lives each day like it is a new opportunity. One day he hopes to be a professional athlete or a tradesman. He has a great imagination and is described as having a good spirit.

Maurey is seeking a family who will offer him acceptance and love. He hopes to one day be a part of a forever family. Maurey will do well with a kind and loving family who offers patience, routine, and consistency. He will do best in a two-parent home that provides positive reinforcement when things are done well. Maurey will do well as an only child or to be the youngest in the family as he requires and craves lots of attention. He needs careful supervision, as well as guidance and boundaries as he navigates into adulthood. Maurey will do best in a safe space where he can comfortably express himself. Maurey specifically seeks a family that can give him normalcy. Maurey's forever family will be willing to start where Maurey is and continue to challenge and grow as Maurey matures.

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