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Melanie from Texas



from Texas

Melanie is a very likeable and social youth. She enjoys attending school and wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Her favorite subjects in school include science, history, and art. Melanie has a goal of attending the University of Houston. She likes to listen to music and dance. Melanie also likes to watch movies, create arts and crafts, and paint. Some of her favorite foods are hot wings, pork chops, and burgers. Melanie likes to bake and help cook. She likes to try out new things with her make-up and enjoys doing her friends make-up as well. Melanie likes to talk on the phone and loves to build with Legos. One of Melanie's hobbies is photography. She likes to walk at the mall and being social. Melanie loves to smile.

Melanie will do well with a family who offers her patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. She responds well with structure and guidance. Her family will offer Melanie emotional support. It is important for her to feel safe and comfortable to be herself in her forever family and able to reach out to her parents when needed. Melanie will do well in a home where there is one to two more children. She will need space for herself and her baby. Melanie will also benefit from a family who is knowledgeable and willing to help her learn to parent her child. She would also like to have a small pet of her own.

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