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Memphis from Texas



from Texas

Memphis is a fun loving youth who finds joy in having meaningful conversations with others and playing video games. He would love to participate in Boy Scouts one day to learn life skills and enjoy fun activities with others. Memphis also loves to be outdoors, riding his bike, practicing archery, taking a walk, swimming, and camping. Memphis is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Spectrum Disorder but it sure does not slow him down! He loves attending church activities and rarely meets a stranger. He is very friendly and can easily strike up a conversation with people he meets, but also enjoys his me time. Memphis enjoys working with computers and is a quick learner when it comes to electronics. Memphis enjoys school and continues to improve yearly in his educational growth.

The ideal family for Memphis will be encouraging and committed to helping him set and meet his goals. They will be excited in helping him to take part in activities he has always wanted to try but never has had the opportunity. Memphis' parents will be involved in his education to ensure that he receives all the services available to him. His family will also know how to access any resources in their community that Memphis might need in the future. Above all, Memphis' family will be ecstatic to hear about how his day went and be able to provide Memphis with their undivided attention when he needs it. His family will be nurturing and accepting. They will help him to learn proper boundaries and assist in building his social skills.