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Mercadez from Texas



from Texas

Mercadez is a sweet yet quiet girl. She loves to be on social media and like most girls her age she is constantly making Tik Tok videos. She also loves to listen to music and hang out with her friends in and outside of school. She is very smart and is looking forward to the upcoming school year. She has not decided on where she will want to attend college or what she wants to study. She is a bright girl with so much potential. She likes to attend social events such as going skating and sporting events with her friends. On the weekends you can also find her at the mall, shopping and socializing. She has a zest for life and enjoys freedom to figure out who she is. Mercadez is learning how to create healthy boundaries for herself as well as how to respect the boundaries of others.

Mercadez's forever family will love to stay busy. She places a lot of value on going out on social outings and having fun while still giving her, her own quality time alone. Her family will do things like going out to eat or going to the movies. Mercadez's family will be patient in allowing her to open up and will be sensitive to her needs. Her family will understand and be able to navigate her through the dynamics of adoption. Her family will be sensitive to her emotional needs and is dedicated to seeing her into adulthood and beyond.

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