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Messiah from Texas



from Texas

Messiah is a sweet boy who can hold his own in a conversation. He is a youth who likes to ask questions. Messiah likes to play outside to some extent, but he gravitates more toward playing board games such as Monopoly. He likes to go out and do things such as, go out to eat at Chuck E Cheese, CiCi's Pizza, and watch a movie at the theater. Messiah tends to absorb information a little more slowly and needs instructions to be given to him in a concrete and specific manner. He needs to have someone by his side when his creative side is ignited. Messiah likes going to church and singing in the choir. He struggles in getting along with others his age at times and needs help in adjusting his behaviors, so he is able to make and keep friends. He loves basketball and jumping on the trampoline.

Messiah and Mijal each have their own unique personalities. They like to enjoy time away from one another, yet they have expressed interest in remaining together in the same loving home. They are both very smart. The two boys are affectionately called the M&M's and they share an interest in taking things apart. Messiah and Mijal like to be involved in activities that promote and encourage their interest in taking things apart, building, and putting them back together again. They would enjoy participating in workshop at someplace like Home Depot with a male role model. Messiah and Mijal enjoy playing outside.

Messiah needs a family who will to be patient and be able to talk with him to understand his thought processes. He can seem very distant at times so his family needs to be aware that he is not being dismissive but tends to drift off in his thoughts. His ideal family will be a strong educational advocate for him. Messiah likes dogs so a family with dogs is something he would like. He also needs a family who is active and can nurture and promote his relationship with his younger brother.