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Mia from Texas



from Texas

Mia has a sweet and loving disposition most of the time. She enjoys sports such as volleyball and cheerleading, enjoys being active, and has normal teenage interests. Mia enjoys being helpful, specifically cleaning, as this helps her calm down when she is feeling angry or overwhelmed. Mia was on the school cheerleading team and tries to do well in school. She finds school to be challenging and is provided with supportive services to assist her in being as successful as possible in school. Mia can be spontaneous at times, such as when she is reacting to conflict or change. She responds well to positive redirection. Mia can be crafty with her words when there is something she would like. She has a strong relationship with her brother and relies on him for emotional support and a source of motivation and positive guidance. Mia is eager to form relationships with individuals who show her love, respect, and support, and whom she feels she can trust to keep her safe.

Mia needs a family who will show her love and support and remind her often she is loved and safe. This will help Mia build trust and appropriate relationships. Mia needs a family who will provide consistency regarding rules and consequences. She needs a family who understands and respects her close relationship with her brother, who is not a part of this adoption. Her ideal family will provide structure and boundaries but also allow her freedom to express herself in appropriate ways.

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