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Mia from Texas



from Texas

Mia is learning her colors and shapes. She loves to learn new things and play outside. When inside, Mia likes to color, make arts and crafts, or play with Play-Doh. She is good at putting together puzzles. Her favorite TV show is Paw Patrol. She likes to sing and can remember all the words to certain songs, whether the song is being sung in English or Spanish. Mia's favorite animal is bunnies and her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. She loves being around her siblings and doesn't like to be by herself. Mia is not much of a morning person.

Being the eldest children in the group, Brandom and Millianie have a maturity to them. They will benefit from a family who encourage them to be children instead of caregivers to their younger siblings. All four children share a close relationship with each other. They all love doing crafty things or being outside and playing together. Marceline and Mia like to play school, Marceline likes being the teacher and Mia the student. Mia loves to be around her siblings or others, as she doesn't like to be alone. The children currently attending school are all doing well. These siblings need a family who will love them all but give individual attention to each of them. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Mia wants a family who has pets, and she likes dogs and bunnies. She needs a family that has energy to parent her and her three siblings. Her family will be able to provide her individual attention.

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