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Micah from Texas



from Texas

Micah is a friendly child who is soft spoken. He loves to play video games on his DS. He also likes to play outside, ride his bicycle, and play football and basketball. He is very interested in computer games. Some of his favorite games include, Call of Duty and Fortnite. Micah works hard in school, where he benefits from additional supportive services, particularly in math. At times, he has a difficult time concentrating on his homework and needs reminders to take his time and not rush. Micah is working on and making progress with respecting other's belongings and being honest. He enjoys going on family outings, especially to sporting events. Micah also does well with pets.

Micah's needs a nurturing family who will provide him with appropriate direction. His ideal family will keep him active in extracurricular activities and enjoy sports. Micah enjoys hanging out with his foster dad and will greatly benefit from a positive, strong male role model who will spend time with him. He will also benefit from a family who will help him become more assertive. Micah will thrive in a home with structure and with a family who is supportive and patient. Micah enjoys playing with his foster brother and will do well with older siblings in his forever family.

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