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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Hey there, it's your boy Michael! I'm an active, spunky teen, and with my quick wit life is always comical. I enjoy most sports, listening to music, and doing outdoor activities like fishing, bike riding, and basketball. I really enjoy attending church, especially youth group. I make friends easily, with whom I enjoying spending time with at the movies and the mall. My true love is carpentry, and I really have a knack for building things. I would love to build houses someday. At times, I need guidance making the right choices to bring positive outcomes and attention. I benefit from a little extra time and attention in school academically, but with the right support, I can have a confident attitude and be successful. I look forward to having an active family!

Michael will do best with an active family who will provide opportunities with positive outlets. His family will be patient and understanding of a youth who has learned to adapt on his own. Michael's family will be well versed in working with the school to advocate for Michael's academic needs and success. His family will provide guidance and encouragement to Michael to make the right choices that will produce positive outcomes. Having clear expectations and boundaries set by his family with the right amount of flexibility to limit conflict will be ideal. His family will provide uplifting feedback to empower Michael to believe in his abilities. Michael may thrive best with a single dad.

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