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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a friendly youth who loves getting involved in sports and video games. He wants very much to join a family who will love and respect him. Michael is both resilient and tenacious, and he has a keen sense of fair play. He has a reserved, but pleasant nature. He is comfortable talking with anyone. Michael likes to talk about, play, and watch sporting events. He is also interested in watching television, going to the movies, hiking, and swimming. He enjoys being outdoors for most activities. Michael likes to play with other people, not just by himself. If there is an activity going on outdoors, he is likely going to be part of it.

Michael needs a family with a firm and consistent structure that is logical. His family will provide him with love and respect. Michael's parents will be interested in his education and advocate on his behalf. He will do best in a family who will talk through issues and listen to his feelings about life and daily goings on.

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