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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a smart, polite, and active child. He tends to be shy and reserved with people he doesn't know. Michael enjoys helping out when he can. He likes playing soccer and playing with his Lego's. He also has a good time playing with cars in the sand box or assisting with feeding the family animals. Michael does well on outings. He prefers to eat at restaurants that serve sirloin. He enjoys a variety of outings, including going to parks, swimming pools, or museums. He also likes bowling, going to the zoo, and other fun activities. Michael enjoys summer swimming or singing karaoke. He also dances along with line dances to the Wobble song. Michael enjoys school and receives high grades. He is a sweet and loving child who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Michael desires to be adopted by a two parent family who will be patient while he works on behaviors. He will benefit from an active family to keep up with him, since he enjoys being outdoors, riding his bike, and keeping active. He is eager to find parents who will work on understanding him. Michael would like to have continued contact with his foster family after being adopted. He wants to be adopted by a family living in Texas. Michael will fit well with a family that is social, outgoing, and supportive.

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