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Mijal from Texas



from Texas

Mijal seems like such a serious natured child, but he loves to play and is very considerate toward younger children. He has a very loving heart. Mijal takes time in getting to know people and can seem so serious, but as time goes on, he starts to smile more as he opens up. Mijal enjoys playing Uno and other card games. He likes to be action oriented and to be involved in various activities. Mijal, like his brother, also likes to work with his hands and needs someone who can channel this energy in a more positive and productive direction.

Messiah and Mijal each have their own unique personalities. They like to enjoy time away from one another, yet they have expressed interest in remaining together in the same loving home. They are both very smart. The two boys are affectionately called the M&M's and they share an interest in taking things apart. Messiah and Mijal like to be involved in activities that promote and encourage their interest in taking things apart, building, and putting them back together again. They would enjoy participating in workshop at someplace like Home Depot with a male role model. Messiah and Mijal enjoy playing outside.

A family is needed who will help Mijal to enjoy his childhood and to not be as serious. He needs a family who will help channel his energy into positive activities and to reward him while building his self-esteem. The ideal family is on who has experience in dealing with children who have gone through tough situations. Mijal need s family who will help him learn how to cope and have a positive attitude. He needs a family who will make him feel wanted and loved and who will will stand by him.

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