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Mikah from Texas



from Texas

Mikah is a friendly teenage boy who enjoys being with others and participating in social activities, like many teens his age. He has a generally happy, energetic and talkative personality. Mikah is adventurous and outgoing. He enjoys being outdoors. Mikah likes to ride his bike, play basketball, and go on runs. He enjoys meeting new people, trying new foods, and playing recreational games or sports with his schoolmates and friends. Mikah has good manners and always talks using "please," "yes ma'am," and "thank you". He can be creative and really enjoys playing with his Pokemon cards. Mikah enjoys being around animals, particularly dogs, and finds comfort in caring for them.

Mikah will benefit from a family who has a structured home and who will provide him the attention he craves. His caregivers should be firm with their rules and provide boundaries for him. Mikah desires to have a forever family, he will benefit from joining a home who accepts and cares for him.

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