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Mikah from Texas



from Texas

Mikah is a loving, polite and caring young man who loves to talk and be active. He enjoys playing sports, video games and board games. Mikah is an energetic, outgoing youth with a confident smile and who gives quick hugs. He enjoys playing with other children his age. Mikah admits that he makes mistakes and acknowledges that he wants to do better. Mikah is eager to have a support system to direct him when needed and to also cheer for him through accomplishments and achievements. He loves to have fun by going out and participating in group activities. He enjoys attending carnivals, amusement parks and birthday parties. He struggles with expressing his feelings, but is learning new coping skills to help him process his past.

Mikah will benefit from a home that has a patient, male role model either as a parental role or as an older sibling. Mikah wants a forever family that will love and hug him. His permanent family needs to be able to take care of his needs and provide consistency in a nurturing and loving environment. His forever family will need to be patient and encouraging. He needs a family that will help him express his feelings but he mostly needs a family that will love him and help him feel safe.