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Mirayah from Texas



from Texas

Mirayah is one of the sweetest children you will ever meet. She has a very caring and loving personality. She definitely assumes a motherly role toward her brother, Adrian. Mirayah and her brother are very close because of this. Mirayah likes everything most girls enjoy, ranging from shopping, doing her hair and makeup, and even reading. She wants to be in band and loves dancing and singing to music she hears on the radio. When she is not busy doing these activities, she can be found outside playing softball. Mirayah wants to find a family that will love and care for her and who she knows will always be there for her. Overall, she is a really great kid.

Mirayah and Adrian are sweet children who share a very close bond with each other. They really love playing sports; whether its softball, baseball, or soccer, you can almost always catch them playing something. Mirayah has a very motherly personality. She is loving and nurturing towards Adrian. She tends to worry about others way more than she worries about herself. Adrian is very sweet and loving too. He loves playing with his dogs and other animals. He can almost always be found playing outside. Mirayah and Adrian are great children. Once you get to know them, they are the sweetest kids!

Mirayah needs a family that is patient and structured. She tends to be overbearing sometimes and needs a family system that will handle this in a very calm, non-confrontational way. Mirayah would love to have a family that will sit down and help her with her homework. She needs a family that will give her as much attention as possible. She also needs a family that is very understanding and sympathetic towards her. Mirayah needs love and support to help her continue to grow into the youth she knows she can be!