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Misty from Texas



from Texas

Misty is an energetic and outspoken youth. She is always willing to lend a hand around the house. She likes to play video games, watch television, and play board games. Misty likes school and has many friends there. She likes to spend time hanging out with her friends and doing girl things. Misty is very interested in learning more about college life and the decision to go to a four year school or technical school. She is very interested in learning new skills such as cosmetology or becoming a medical assistant. Misty is carefree and just wants to live life in the best possible way. She likes dogs and knows how to take care of them very well. She also enjoys being around other pets.

Misty will benefit from a highly structured, well-organized family who is very active. Her family will need to be patient and help her with her education. They will need to show her affection and reward positive behaviors. Misty needs a family that will allow her some freedom and trust. She will do well with a one- or two-parent household. Misty does very well with her peers, so having siblings in the home is a plus. She loves pets, so that would be great to have in the home as well.

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