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Mitch from Texas



from Texas

Mitch is a bright, down to earth youth. He enjoys playing video games, attending outings like basketball and football games, and he enjoys playing basketball as well. Mitch enjoys all genres of music and can listen to music for hours at a time in the presence of his own company. He loves to take time to himself and relax. Mitch likes to keep to himself and keep his focus on his goals. He is a very well-rounded youth with the right mindset about his goals in life. Mitch is independent and strives to succeed and be better every day. He works through any obstacles. Mitch is very well mannered and is extremely giggly over everything. He enjoys deep conversations about his goals in life and anything meaningful. A couple of his wishes is to be financially stable one day and to have a big house. Mitch is very focused and goal oriented and can do anything that he sets his mind to.

Mitch wants to be adopted by a single parent family, but he would not mind a two-parent home. Mitch will benefit from a family who can reassure him that they are in his life to stay and help him succeed. He needs a family who can express to him that it is okay to be a kid and allow the adults to care for him. Mitch will do well with other children in the home either his age or older. The ideal family will be active in doing things together, including going on trips together or out to eat. Mitch is a very well-rounded kid who will benefit from a loving home that can set the example of what a true, loving family that cares for him and his wellbeing is supposed to look like. His family will guide him in the right direction and help him grow in every area of his life.

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