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Monica from Texas



from Texas

Monica is a sweet child who enjoys being around others. She really likes to pretend to be a mother to her dolls. She has a crib and stroller for her baby. She is nurturing and does well with younger children and animals. Monica really likes to help take care of real babies too. She stated that she loves to play outside and enjoys sports such as basketball, soccer, and cheerleading. Monica can also be a "girly-girl" and likes to have her hair fixed and nails painted. Her favorite foods are pizza, noodles, and bananas. Monica enjoys school. Her favorite subjects are science and reading. She enjoys doing arts and crafts; her favorite is making bracelets. Monica can sometimes act impulsively and will benefit from a good role model. Visit me at the The Greater Wichita Falls Area Heart Gallery.

Monica is looking for a loving and caring family. She would like a family with a mother and a father. She would love to have a family with other children, but will do best in a small family where she can receive the individual attention she needs. Monica needs a family who will commit to her. She needs a family who will provide her with structure, stability, and consistency. She needs to be given time to bond with her new family and adjust to new surroundings. Monica will need supportive services to help her adjust to an adoptive family.

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