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Nancy from Texas



from Texas

Nancy is a very kind hearted person and has a very good imagination. She plays well by herself or with other little girls her age. Nancy loves riding a bike and playing in the water. She also likes to pretend she is cooking and play video games, or listen to music. Nancy has become much better at self-regulating and completing "Do Overs," in which she has learned to recognize when she needs to start over. She has made improvement in her respect of boundaries and in her social interactions. Nancy desires a family of her own who will love her and provide a normal life for her. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Nancy will do best in a family where she is the only child. She needs nurturing care and patience. Nancy's family will love her unconditionally and be there to help her with schoolwork. She receives physical and occupational Therapy, supportive services, and support through extra-curricular activities, which help her develop socially and emotionally. Her family will provide stability and structure for Nancy to help her continue to understand appropriate boundaries.

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