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Nancy from Texas



from Texas

Nancy is a brilliant, resilient youth. She is excelling in school and all-around thriving. She is very independent and loves a challenge. Her hobbies include reading books and hopes to one day become a book editor. She has strong opinions and knows what she wants however she is great at reaching out for help when she needs it. Nancy is also great about advocating and communicating about her needs. She is anxious and excited to continue her education and everything it has to offer. Nancy is on track to graduate early from high school and start college. She also welcomes other people's opinions and takes them into consideration. Nancy really wants a home where she can be herself and support her future goals and dreams!

Nancy will thrive in a home where she has structure, and some independence. She wants to take her time getting to know her forever family. She will do best in a home where her parent(s) can give her lots of love and proper guidance. Her family will challenge her to experience new things and to keep her mind open to everything that is available to her. Most importantly, Nancy needs a home to love her forever.

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