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Nathan from Texas



from Texas

Nathan is a respectful and polite teenager with a friendly personality. He is working on making some self-improvements to prepare himself for his forever family. Nathan likes playing with Lego blocks and reading at night. His most current read is the "Maze Runner". Nathan likes watching the series Arrow when he watches TV. Like many teenagers, he enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, and swimming when he gets a chance. Nathan likes football and basketball, and he has a competitive spirit when it comes to winning. He has a caring personality and volunteers in his community at places like the food bank and the Fall Festival. Nathan enjoys cooking at home and eating food. His favorite food is chicken strips with gravy. Nathan likes to have fun, including playing outside with the dogs. He has an adventurous and curious side where he enjoys going outside to look for lizards and snakes. Nathan likes animals and was able to see his first dolphin this past summer. His favorite colors are red, black, and blue. Nathan has a dream to become a mechanic when he grows up. He wants to work towards his goal as soon as possible, so his plan is to begin working at age 14 and continue to attend school. Nathan is ready to be somebody's son and would really like to be matched with a family.

Nathan's forever family will model appropriate boundaries and show support of his interest. His family will be able to spend individual time with him and get to know him on a personal level. Nathan's parents will provide a sense of security for him and help build his confidence. Nathan is very social and open to having fun. He looks forward to having a family he can share stories with and build memories for years to come. Nathan has expressed his wish to have a home with a father and a mother. He has no preference if does or doesn't have siblings, as long as they are accepting of him.

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