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Nathan from Texas



from Texas

Nathan can take tape, string, and paper and make a masterpiece! He is very gifted in creating and building things. Lego's are too "easy" for him. Nathan definitely has the ability to be an engineer or mechanic when he grows up. He is also competitive and likes to play video games. Nathan struggles in school at times, but is doing better. He enjoys shorter assignments better than longer ones. Nathan also enjoys sports. His favorite activity is soccer. He also likes to play tag and just play on the playground. Nathan is very guarded to open up and trust adults. Although he doesn't like dealing with issues, he is working on opening up. Even minor things can trigger Nathan sometimes. He tends to lash out to those closest to him, especially if he perceives unfairness or that he's being challenged. Nathan is working on learning compassion and empathy for others. His caregivers say he is showing more compliance and less challenging behaviors. Nathan is trying to modify his behaviors to be the best person he can be.

Nathan needs a family that realizes he is not a "quick fix" and will need help on an ongoing basis. He needs an experienced, therapeutic family. Nathan will do best in a single male home. He has two younger siblings who are not part of this adoption and he would like to maintain contact with them.

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