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Nathanial from Texas



from Texas

Nathanial, who also goes by Nathan, is an absolute sweetheart who wants to please those around him. He is hard not to fall for. His genuine smile will warm your heart, but it is his eagerness to build a relationship with you that will steal your heart away. Nathanial loves the country life style, but can be a real city slicker as well. He is usually eager to show off his books and card games. He relishes routine and structure. Nathanial would love to live on a ranch or farm if possible. He has a genuine interest in learning about and raising animals and livestock. Nathanial is a smart, sincere, and genuine person who finds joy and pleasure in a simple lifestyle. He is confident and happy with himself. Nathanial has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. He likes a quiet home environment. He thrives on routine and prefers a calm atmosphere. Nathanial enjoys playing video games, trading card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, and building toys like Legos. He loves to sit down with his family and complete puzzles, read books, and just enjoy genuine family time. This country boy would love to make his dreams come true by having a family to love him for exactly who he is.

Nathanial needs to be with a family who maintains a routine and quiet life style. He has a difficult time around a lot of noise and chaos and for this reason he will probably do best in a home that does not have very young children. A family that is familiar with Asperger Syndrome or high functioning Autism will be ideal for him. He needs a family who will love and support him by advocating for him and encouraging him to be all that he can. If your family wants a child who loves unconditionally and is eager to make you smile, then Nathanial may be just be the child for you.