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Nathaniel from Texas



from Texas

Nathaniel, who prefers to go by Nate, is a very intelligent youth. He enjoys playing board games, putting together puzzles, and anything else that challenges his mind. Sometimes you will catch him sitting in his room reading a good book, which he loves to do. Nate also enjoys doing all the typical boy things like being outside, playing sports, and fishing. Nate does very well in school and enjoys socializing with his friends. He is a hard worker and is good at cooking! He tends to be a follower and sometimes has trouble expressing his true feelings as he only wants to please people. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls.

Nate will be best matched with a family who is loving, nurturing, and committed to him. He will thrive in a home with structure, routine, and clearly defined boundaries. Nate needs to be the only or youngest child in the home. He has a brother who is not part of this adoption. The family will need to be committed to ensuring continued contact with his sibling. Nate needs a family who will not only love him, but be his voice and advocate for him. The family needs to have clear rules in their home and be able to enforce them.

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