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Nevaeh from Texas



from Texas

Navaeh is a lovely youth who is soft spoken and energetic! She does not have a stubborn personality and she can easily relax. Navaeh has many interests, some of those include painting, coloring, and DIY projects. She has a love for crafting and going to Hobby Lobby! Navaeh reports she likes jewelry and has made some homemade jewelry in the past. Other activities Navaeh enjoys are hiking, playing volleyball, and playing with animals. She showed off a bit of her sense of humor by stating that one of her all-time favorite activities was to do some shopping! She is friendly and likes to socialize with her peers. When it comes to school Navaeh stated she likes her science and dance class. She likes helping to do "earthy stuff" when she can. When she grows up, she wishes to be an oceanographer and go to A&M. If she had an additional wish Navaeh stated she would like to own an animal shelter, where the employees are homeless. Navaeh also has a big sweet tooth. Some of her favorite sweets are Milky Ways, Kit-Kats, whip cream, and Tiramisu cake from Olive Garden. When she has some down time, she also enjoys watching movies. Navaeh is very smart and clever. She has a persuasive attitude. When asked how she would describe herself she stated, "I am resilient, that sums it all up." Navaeh is ready to meet her forever family and be somebody's daughter!

Navaeh is ready to be matched with her forever family! She will benefit from a two-parent home where she can have a strong male role model. Navaeh will need to a family that demonstrates appropriate relationships and boundaries. Navaeh wants a family who loves pets! Although Navaeh will do okay with siblings, she has stated she wouldn't mind being an only child. Navaeh's forever family will take the time to build trust and a connection with Navaeh so that she can open up to them. Navaeh will benefit from lots of affection and being nurtured. She will do well in a home with a routine, but that can also be flexible.

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