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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas is an inquisitive youth who will greet you with a smile. Initially he can be shy around new people. He is curious and will ask lots of questions when he really wants to know something. Nicholas is a jokester and likes to banter back and forth with people. Nicholas is a bright and energetic youth. He is very helpful and wants to be included in many activities. He enjoys playing video games and playing basketball. Nicholas is an AB student. He enjoys playing basketball with his peers and enjoys PE at school. He is spontaneous and will sometimes act before he thinks. He enjoys going out to eat and being with others. Nicholas has a younger brother who is living with family and he states that he wants a forever family as well.

Nicholas wants to be adopted and is open to any kind of family. He wants a family who likes to play video games and likes sports. Nicholas will thrive in a family that has time to give him a great deal of one on one time. Nicholas is a good kid who wants to be with a family who will love him as their own. He needs consistent boundaries communicated clearly. His family will need to be able to keep him active and very involved in activities. He needs a family with patience and time to spend with him. Nicholas will do best with consistent rules and consequences. He will benefit from regular praise and modeling of appropriate behaviors. Nicholas has siblings, and it is important that he is able to continue to have contact with them.

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