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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas enjoys spending his time working on puzzles and arranging items together. Nicholas also enjoys watching animal planet and cartoons. Nicholas can have difficulty understanding what is being taught to him, however he is eager to learn with time and dedication. Nicholas has been doing well in school academically and is learning the alphabet and numbers. Nicholas likes his own space but also likes being around others. Nicholas is learning how to communicate by using a tablet and a program that shows pictures of what is being said. Nicholas enjoys playing with his tablet and understands how to request more time so he can continue looking at all the pictures in the program. Nicholas requires close supervision to ensure his safety as he can place himself in unsafe situations.

Nicholas will do best with a family that has lots of time to dedicate to him as he requires constant supervision. He will thrive with a family that is patient and will support him in developing his communication skills. Nicholas needs a committed and dedicated family.

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