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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nick is a bright and funny youth. He likes to read fantasy adventure books. Nick enjoys playing board games and likes to strategize his next move, but is also courteous to his opponents and will assist them in making the appropriate moves. He likes teaching others about the things he enjoys. Nick is a budding artist who enjoys drawing pictures. Nick also loves animals. He assists with the care of numerous animals at his residence including horses, goats, and sheep. Nick gets along with adults and he is improving his peer relationships. He does well in school and makes good grades. Nick is a very good advocate for himself. He is not afraid to speak up for himself if he feels things are not right or fair. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Nick wants a forever family who will encourage him to participate in normal teenage activities, such as going over to a friend's house to play video games or going out to eat. Nick would enjoy having an older brother or sister to talk to. His family who will be accepting of who he is and will love him unconditionally. He would be comfortable with a same-sex couple. Nick wants a family who will be there for him.

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