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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas is a boy who loves drawing, playing football, and hanging out with friends. He really like spicy food. He is very respectful of others and is well-mannered. He enjoys playing on the PS4, watching movies, and being on his phone. He is a freshman in school this year. His favorite subject is math. He does very well in school and stays on top of his grades mostly. He plans to go to school for architect or interior design and eventually start his own company. He enjoys socializing people and can also be chic magnet with the ladies. He is big advocate for himself and his siblings. He makes sure to look out for them with him being the oldest. Nicholas and his siblings are starting to feel better about being adopted. Nick would like a family that lives in the country and allows him the opportunity to be a normal teenager. He wants to get a job and play sports.

Nicholas, Otis, and, Lexie are a fun and loving sibling group. They are typical siblings who sometimes argue with each other but want nothing more than to remain together with their forever family. All three kids are inseparable. They would like to find a forever family who will accept them and love them as they are. They all enjoy going to church and eating at their favorite restaurants. They are very bonded and are protective of each other. They all have a common interest in drawing and anime. Although they enjoy eating, they are picky eaters. They enjoy making each other laugh. Their interaction with each other can be described as "tough love". The kids are very resilient despite their past experiences and have found healthy ways to cope.

Nicholas' family will be active, love to play games, be down to earth, and enjoy having fun. His forever family will be understanding and support all of their needs. His forever family will need to have a sense of humor so that they are able to deal with the sarcasm of the kids. He will do well with other siblings but is also ok with it being only him and his siblings in the home. He desires a family who will love them for who they are. His forever family will encourage him and be good-spirited people. He desperately needs someone to help him navigate young adult hood and guide him through challenging decisions he may need to make.

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