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Nicole from Texas



from Texas

Nicole is a very loving youth who always wants the best for everyone else, even before herself. She is very family oriented and always worried about those close to her. Nicole is strong, courageous, and very kind once she is comfortable with a person. Her personality is what makes her unique. Nicole does very well in her classes and enjoys attending school. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She is athletic and loves sports and outdoor activities. Nicole has an eclectic list of hobbies and interests, which range from attending church to martial arts to swimming. She will benefit from a technical school, as she is a hands-on learner. Nicole is outgoing and she calls herself a tomboy. She also enjoys going to the movies, going out to eat, and making others laugh at her jokes. Nicole gets along well with most of the people she meets. She is able to make friends with her warm character. Church is an important thing for Nicole and she would like to continue being active in the church youth group.

Nicole would like to have a family who will accept her as she is and who is open to attending church. She wants a family of her own to share common interests with and go on family outings. Nicole is outdoorsy and will do well with a family that is very active and outgoing. She will benefit from a family that will encourage and motivate her to complete school and eventually join the Marines. Nicole needs a family that is understanding, supportive, and able to provide a loving and stable home.

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