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Nineque from Texas



from Texas

Nineque is a charming and respectful youth. She is very creative and clever. She makes new friends quickly and loves to socialize. Nineque is close with her brother and enjoys visiting with him. She is willing to put in the work to better herself. She is engaging and is a great listener. Nineque is playful and likes to be silly at times. She does very well in a structured environment. Nineque likes to keep busy, as she has plenty of energy. She responds well to redirection and is usually understanding. Nineque has a positive view of herself and a positive outlook on life.

Nineque will flourish in a stable, loving, and structured home environment. She needs a family that will be patient and consistent with her. Nineque would benefit from family that can provide her with positive reinforcement and encouragement. She needs a home that can help build up her self-esteem and confidence. Nineque responds well to structure, reinforcement, and talking through her emotions. She will flourish in a home where she feels like part of the family and where she can openly express herself. Nineque will benefit from an environment that allows for plenty of activities.

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