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Noah from Texas



from Texas

Noah is a funny, active youth who likes to ride bikes, watch movies, play video games and read. Noah also enjoys sports and his favorite is soccer. He is happy any time he is outside. Noah is on the shy side, and it can take him some time to warm up to new people. Once he gets to know someone, he loves to crack jokes and make them laugh. He has a great sense of humor which draws people to him. Noah does well in school and receives extra support in math. At times, Noah can struggle with controlling his impulses. He has been working on learning new coping skills to help him in this area. He is easily redirected.

Noah will do best in a two-parent home. He has stated that he wants a mom and a dad or two moms. Noah would like to have a sibling close to his age. He wants a family that will believe in him and that is willing to work with him and his personality. Noah craves a stable, loving home.

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