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  Octavius from Texas



from Texas

Octavius is an active, sweet boy. He loves school and does really well academically. He usually maintains an A/B average and is in regular education classes. His favorite subjects are reading and science. Octavius recently participated on a swim team and won many medals; he even broke a few records. Due to his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Octavius can sometimes seem to be unemotional and have a lack of social skills. He has the tendency to rummage through trash and play with inappropriate things, but he can be redirected easily. Octavius loves playing video games, swimming, reading and fishing. He also enjoys spending time alone doing things by himself. Octavius likes to figure out how things work by taking them apart and putting them back together.

The ideal family for Octavius will understand the joys and responsibility of caring for a child who is active and who can be challenging at times. Octavius needs a family who will ensure he receives any supportive services he may need. The family will be resourceful in locating and utilizing services to help him reach his full potential. Octavius will do well with a family where he receives one-on-one attention. His caregivers will help him learn to comply with adult requests and following rules. Octavius will do best in a small family that has an interest in science and technology, and a family who will advocate for his education.