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Omarion from Texas



from Texas

Omarion is a polite youth. He loves to be active and enjoys playing sports. His favorite sport is football, and the Broncos and Bengals are the teams for whom he cheers loudest. He also enjoys writing plays, and recently wrote one about Martin Luther King Jr. Omarion describes himself as relaxed and laid-back, and wants a family who also laid-back. Omarion enjoys eating barbeque, fast food, and good old Southern home cooking. He is articulate and able to clearly share his opinions. Omarion enjoys school and is very interested in going to college. He would like to study business and banking. His favorite classes in school include math, social studies, and science. Omarion is learning how to express his emotions in a healthy way and would function best in a stable and consistent environment with parents who are able to assist him in conveying his emotions and energy in positive ways. Omarion does not mind traveling far and wide to meet his forever family, as he says, he just wants a family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Omarion needs a family who will provide unconditional love and stability. He needs a family who will set clear boundaries and expectations, but also allow room for error as he adjusts. Omarion can function in a one or two parent household. He needs a family who will let him speak his mind and help him continue to grow. A family who will assist him and challenge him to meet his dream of going to college will be great.

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