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Ophelia Mae from Texas

Ophelia Mae

Ophelia Mae

from Texas

Ophelia is a generally happy child who loves to play dress up and wear her crown. She loves to be the princess. Ophelia does well in school and loves to talk about her day and what she has learned. She can get super excited when talking about a subject she's interested in. Ophelia enjoys playing with her older sister and watching her cook. She likes receiving individual attention and getting to one on one spend time with her caregiver. Ophelia has a bright smile with a sweet and lovable personality. She can present as shy, but will soon adjust as she becomes more comfortable. Ophelia has a close connection with her siblings.

Mary, Nolan, Ophelia, and Michael are a close and loving group of siblings. The siblings all look out for each other and they enjoy being silly and playful together. The children love to do family activities together, such as attending church or riding bikes in the park. Mary, Nolan, Ophelia, and Michael are a fun loving group who like to be busy at times. They have a close connection with each other and like to play together, but they also enjoy playing alone. The siblings generally get along, though they have the occasional moments of typical sibling quarrels. The children have all benefited in the past from the use of behavior charts and reward systems.

Ophelia will love to be a part of a family who is loving. She will benefit from a family who provides the type of nurture to make her thrive. Her family will like to engage indoor and outdoor activities.

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