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Oralio from Texas



from Texas

Oralio is a sweet, caring, energetic, young man who loves trains, buses, and Legos. He can keep busy by himself using his Legos or setting up his trains, train stations, and tracks. He also likes to do things as a family like going on outings and shopping. He enjoys hanging out with friends and going to the movies and dances like prom. He would enjoy learning to fish or going on hikes and learning a new trade. His favorite foods are spaghetti, spaghetti O's, ravioli, and pizza but he is always open to trying new foods. Oralio is not a fan of veggies, but he will eat green beans and grapes or bananas. He enjoys listening to music and going to school. His two biggest wishes would be to go to Lego Land and to take a train ride. Oralio will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Oralio's forever family will be very supportive, patient, and structured. His family will ensure that he feels accepted, secure, and loved unconditionally. His family will be calm and understanding individuals who will provide the guidance Oralio needs to navigate through life. Oralio's family will love trains and Legos as much as he does.

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