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Pamela from Texas



from Texas

Pamela is a friendly young teenager. She enjoys having long conversations and enjoys making friends her age. Pamela likes to work out and competes on the wrestling team. Her favorite foods are spaghetti, hamburgers, and entomatadas. Pamela's favorite colors are black and grey because they match everything. Pamela does not watch a lot of television and would rather draw, listen to music, or hang out with her loved ones. Like many teenagers, Pamela also enjoys spending time on social media. She loves styling her hair and wearing make-up. Pamela loves all kind of music, and her favorite rock band is New Years Day.

Pamela, Danny, and Yuliette are three loving siblings who, like most siblings, have moments of arguing but they won't remember what they had been arguing about just a few minutes later. Pamela loves to have support of her siblings when she is competing in wrestling. Pamela would like to have a cat in the home, but Danny and Yuliette would rather have a dog. Pamela, Yuliette, and Danny are very friendly children who make friends very easily. The siblings all enjoy entomatadas and spending time outdoors. Pamela enjoys helping her siblings, she'll often help them clean their rooms so they can have extra time to play. The children love listening to music and all like to sing. Yuliette is usually the one to add the dancing moves into their songs. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Pamela needs a family who is loving and provides a safe home environment. Her family will be patient and understanding of her. Pamela's family will be supportive of the goals she has set for herself, such as learning to play guitar or attending college in the future. Pamela would like a family who will be open in making family connections. Pamela will be adopted with her siblings, Danny and Yuliette. Pamela would like to have parents who treat her and her siblings equally. Pamela would also love to have a pet cat.